Hiya lovelies,

I know I havent written in a while, I have just been super busy with school and everything really. It snowed over the past weekend so I didnt have to go to school on Monday or Tuesday because of the ice so that was fun!

 My sisters birthday was on Monday so we (my mummy, step dad, younger sister and step brother) had a little array of party food and snacks. We just had a relaxed night playing games and eating food.

OH MY GOODNESS, right okay you can laugh all you want but I honestly cannot say enough how amazing Paddington 2 was, which we saw on Tuesday evening as a late birthday celebration outing. It was such an emotional movie and was so beautifully put together. My sister and step brother really loved it and next on the list is Ferdinand.

I have to confess I am a sucker for animated movies, especially Disney. Like, come on, if you dont love Disney movies then you must have a valid excuse ha ha.

Tomorrow morning I start my first ever job, guaranteed yes its a part time job because I am not old enough for a full time job plus I have school too but it is still a job. Im working in a florists in my local town which will be really fun as they sell the cutest little home décor items which, might I add, are to die for. It will be a really great experience for me as it will allow to see what it is like to actually work.

The reason I ended up with the job is pretty random because I just popped in to the shop to get a general knowledge quiz box for my maths teacher and my mum insisted I give the person working my name and number. The guy working just so happened to be the guy that owns the shop. For sake of privacy we will call him Mark. Mark told me that he would tend to be pretty busy at weekends and that he would call when he needs an extra hand. We dont live far from the shop and as soon as we got home he had called to offer me a job.

My maths teacher loved that fact that I ended up with a part time job especially with me being one of the youngest pupils of my year group which makes it trickier for me as I dont have a national insurance number yet.

Lets hope that Saturday goes well and I can keep my job to help save some money for driving lessons or maybe a little for makeup too.

The craziest thing that happened this week was... BENEFIT COSMETICS LIKED MY INSTAGRAM POST @officiallovesophieblog  Honestly I was so shocked, straight away I rang my mum and told her it was just an overwhelming moment for me really. 

Beside the topic of jobs and school, it is so close to Christmas, as I am writing this there are only 10 sleeps to go! I get super excited around Christmas if you read my introduction post. I was actually pondering the idea of writing a little Christmas wish list post.

If that is something you guys want me to post leave a comment down below, if not comment something you do want me to write about or some questions you wish for me to answer J

Also dont forget to follow my blog to make sure that you see all my posts once they are live.


Love Sophie xx

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