Hello lovelies!

I hope you all had a holly jolly Christmas! Maybe you were all cosy by a fire or maybe surrounded by the chaotic excitement young children have for the visit from Santa. Maybe you done something completely different, leave a comment below no matter what you did because I would love to hear about your Christmas experience this year.

I understand Christmas can be a hard time for those without their complete family, friendship circle or maybe something else that is missing. I have a friend wo doesn’t get to have all of his family together at Christmas and I can tell that it is extremely hard for him as he does not get to enjoy it like us that are more fortunate to have our family together. So for those of you that unfortunately didn’t have everyone with them that they wanted there this Christmas, I hope you smiled and eat loads of food for those who weren’t there as they would have wanted you to be happy, or brave.

Now that I have said that, I’m going to tell you lovelies about my Christmas term off.

Firstly, in the run up to Christmas I went to our traditional pantomime visit, which was as always hilarious as it's so silly and totally unprofessional but that is what makes it great. My little brother and sister loved it mainly because it was Cinderella (which they love) so it was definitely worth going to. On the downside I was exhausted that night because I had work from 10am right through until 5pm which left me with 30 minutes to get ready for the pantomime. 

Work work work work work work (you probably sang that in your head) work is really good. Everyone has been so welcoming and it is a great environment. I really am enjoying it which is good because you work more efficiently when you enjoy the work you are doing (which is what I try to tell myself in maths). I have to admit the thing, or shall I say person that got me through work last week was my boss' younger brother who is to die for! Sadly he's a bit too old for me but that doesn't mean I can't simply appreciate his good looks, is that okay? 

I finished work on Christmas Eve Eve so then the festive feeling was heightened. I started to find it hard to sleep and I'm supposed to be the teenager oops. Nothing really happened on Christmas Eve Eve just some last minute food shopping and that was about it. 

Mum, Dad and myself spent most of Christmas Eve making sure that the house was clean and tidy, fresh bed sheets were on. I got a shower later that night and so did my sister then we watched movies/TV to try and tire ourselves out so that we slept. My sister (Lily) decided I had to download snapchat for her so that I could text her when I wake up to wake her up (spoiler alert she didn't wake up). 

4::30am and I was wide awake. I lay watching Peaky Blinders (which is a new show I started watching the night before) until 6:30am then I went into Lily's room and woke her up. We brushed our teeth and then went and woke up mum and dad. 

The pure excitement to open our living room was building up then we got given the okay so in we went and everything was wrapped as usual. So we got started into the unwrapping. 

Here is a list of everything I was so fortunate to get, however I want to disclaim that in no way do I mean to brag I just think you lovelies will enjoy hearing about my presents as I would love you to leave a comment below stating some of your favourite things you got this year :) 

iPhone 8 Plus (it is rose gold and then I got a phone case for it too which is also rose gold) 
An aqua blue case for my MacBook Air and some keyboard stickers 
A light up white board 
Two family board game (I am... I do... and Four In A Line) 
Light up bath lights (they are the most amazing things ever)
A rose gold vanity for my makeup
Jaclyn Hill  X  Morphe palette 
Morphe 25A Copper Spice palette 
Morphe N6 Blush palette 
YSL The Shock mascara, along with YSL eyeliner and makeup remover
JeffreeStarCosmetics Velour `liquid Lipstick (shade Gemini) 
6 Beauty Blenders, BHCosmetics brush set and Artis brush dupe which is amazing
Charcoal powder, toothpaste and brush 
Lee Stafford Arganoil Long Chopstick Curling wand 
Chocolate (Dairy Milk if you want to know my chocolate preferences) 
Fluffy bed socks (I love fluffy socks okay it is the little thing that makes me happy)
Fluffy blanket and dressing gown (because to be honest I love anything soft and fluffy)
Some slipper boots
Brown leather Chelsea boots
Game Of Thrones pyjamas 
Pink Velvet top with tiered shoulders, a simple baby pink sweater, black lace top with a white collar 
Light denim jeggings, black jeans and grey ripped mom like jeans 

So i definitely got completely spoiled but honestly I love everything I have gotten so much. 

On Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) I went to New Look and Superdrug and bought myself lots of clothes since everything was on sale, so if you want me to write a post about what I bought let me know in the comments below and don't forget to tell me what you got for Christmas and what you did because I love to hear about you lovelies too :) 


Love Sophie xx

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