Hello lovelies, I have had a rather eventful week and I thought that I would just do a re-cap on how my week has gone.

My school week has been pretty relaxed considering I had practice exams all week so I didnt have to stay in school all day, just popped in for my exams then went home. I love having a mock week because, although they are tests, it gives us students a rough idea of what our real exams have in store for us. The only downside to this week was the fact that French just had to be on Friday but at least thats it over.

Me and the girls (Beth, Megan, Hollie-Anne and Lauren) all met up when we could and some of us went out into town for lunch when we could together. It was great being able to just walk out of school for lunch to go into town and nip into a local café.

I fortunately had no exams on Thursday so my Nana and I went to Tesco to get some little things for my little sister who had been off all week sick. She treated me to Game of Thrones season 1 (which you have to watch if you dont already) and some cute Santa fluffy socks. Now I just need the other seasons considering it has only taken me 3 nights to finish all 10 episodes.

Personally I love going out with my Nana because we have little gossips about my friends, boys and all that which usually ends up with us talking about someone we dont like instead of do like.

Moving on from my eventful but not eventful Thursday, this Saturday was probably the most eventful of the week. My friend Ciara and I went into town for lunch and I choked on a bit of bacon but I lived. After lunch we went round the shops to find her little sister a present for Christmas which we ended up finding.

I bought the LOreal Paris Infallible Primer Matte Base http://www.boots.com/loreal-paris-infallible-primer-matte-base-10197782  which I have been dying to try forever and I had the perfect excuse to buy it considering my Flormar primer ran out this morning.

I ended up trying my first ever coffee because I have just never acquired the taste for it. I love cappuccinos now, well if they have a lot of sugar in them. The little café we were in was decorated so festively for Christmas (we had a Mean Girls/Jingle Bell Rock moment). Honestly you lovelies would have loved it, the café not our terrible dancing.

I am feeling so festive it is crazy, my bedroom is completely decorated with a mini tree, lights and a little wooden bunting. Of course the Christmas movies have been on for a week or maybe two, if you lovelies want me to write a post on my favourite Christmas movies then leave a comment down below J


Love Sophie x

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