Introduction To Love Sophie !

Love Sophie

Welcome to the introduction for my new blog Love Sophie! I am just going to write a little about myself, my aspirations and all that cool stuff. Of course I will accept questions for a Q&A and any posts that you would be interested in me writing.
Firstly, hiya! I'm Sophie as you could maybe tell by the title. I am currently still in school, which I am just about managing to get through with my four best friends by my side but I won't talk about them just yet; I'll let the suspense build. On the subject of school I would say my favourite subject would be English literature as I love the recent play we read which was The Merchant Of Venice by Shakespeare which is a must read for all you book-worms out there. My teacher just adds to the enjoyment because she in brief is probably the best. French is probably the hardest subject to study especially when the strictest teacher in the school!

My family, wow where do I begin. I am lucky to have a little sister, a step brother, a step dad and my mum who doubles as my best friend. My mum and step dad got married during summer this year, it has been amazing honestly I dream to have a relationship like theirs someday. My grandparents and great grandparents are still alive which is all I could ever ask for. I have never lost a family member and I am dreading it but I will come to accept the fact that it is a part of life unfortunately.

I have 3 pets, two parrots (Alfie and Pepper) and my beloved dog Poppy who I got for my 8th birthday which was probably the best moment of my life. Believe me I will own a few more dogs eventually but for now I am blessed with Poppy. 

My social life is pretty non existent, I am quite an introvert but I love my close friends. Beth, Megan, Hollie-Anne and Lauren are my close friends in school and trust me they are great. We have the most random conversations at lunch about movies and food as we aren't your typical kind of people, we are weird but we wouldn't have each other any other way.

Hobbies? Well if I am honest I really don't do much. I have a passion for makeup and aspire to become a makeup artist in the future but I only really practice on my close friends and myself mostly. I call myself a TV Show fanatic, I have watched so many shows, some of my favourites being the Big Bang Theory, Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries.

 However at the moment I am obsessed with Riverdale and Jane The Virgin (if you are not watching these you need to go watch them seriously!). Hmmm anything else interesting, ohhh I am really into photography but I wouldn't say I am that good. Here's a photo I took a while back when I had fallen ill.

Talking about my illness, I underwent treatment for about 3 years at my local hospital for A.R.F.I.D which is avoidant / restrictive food intake disorder, an eating disorder that meant when I was anxious about being bullied or worried about exams it caused me to feel sick so I rapidly lost weight. When we got my anxiety under control it was harder for me to gain double the amount of weight I lost. The hardest part was nearly being hospitalised right before Christmas. So I took a whole year off school then eventually I started gaining weight again, my body started functioning properly again and the best thing was when my hair finally got thicker and longer because I felt like a princess. To celebrate the amazing weight gain, in April 2015 my mum gave me permission to get my belly button pierced because I had been wanting it pierced for months which was amazing.

September of 2015 I moved school to get a fresh start from the bullies and to make new friends that would actually care about me and even though it was terrifying I am so glad I moved school because it was the best decision that I have ever made so far in my life.

You know the way I mentioned nearly being hospitalised at Christmas? Well that opened my eyes to all the little things I am not appreciating so every year since then I probably am the most festive person you will meet. My room at the minute has been decorated to the maximum which I have no shame in sharing. I will make more Christmassy themed posts soon but for now I just want to keep it as simple as I can.

Love Sophie xx 

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