Hello lovelies!

I hope you all had a holly jolly Christmas! Maybe you were all cosy by a fire or maybe surrounded by the chaotic excitement young children have for the visit from Santa. Maybe you done something completely different, leave a comment below no matter what you did because I would love to hear about your Christmas experience this year.
I understand Christmas can be a hard time for those without their complete family, friendship circle or maybe something else that is missing. I have a friend wo doesn’t get to have all of his family together at Christmas and I can tell that it is extremely hard for him as he does not get to enjoy it like us that are more fortunate to have our family together. So for those of you that unfortunately didn’t have everyone with them that they wanted there this Christmas, I hope you smiled and eat loads of food for those who weren’t there as they would have wanted you to be happy, or brave.
Now that I have said that, I’m going to tell you lovelies…
Hiya lovelies,

I know I haven’t written in a while, I have just been super busy with school and everything really. It snowed over the past weekend so I didn’t have to go to school on Monday or Tuesday because of the ice so that was fun!

 My sister’s birthday was on Monday so we (my mummy, step dad, younger sister and step brother) had a little array of party food and snacks. We just had a relaxed night playing games and eating food.
OH MY GOODNESS, right okay you can laugh all you want but I honestly cannot say enough how amazing Paddington 2 was, which we saw on Tuesday evening as a late birthday celebration outing. It was such an emotional movie and was so beautifully put together. My sister and step brother really loved it and next on the list is Ferdinand.
I have to confess I am a sucker for animated movies, especially Disney. Like, come on, if you don’t love Disney movies then you must have a valid excuse ha ha.
Tomorrow morning I start my first ever job, guaranteed yes it’s a part…